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Brandon James NPK '69 Camaro - A Blower Hemi Dream Car!!

Brandon James, a renowned street racer, has recently unveiled his latest creation - a '69 Camaro built for No Prep Kings (NPK) racing. This stunning machine is the result of months of hard work, dedication, and a passion for speed and performance.

Photo by Brandon Fkn James

The '69 Camaro "Jezebel" has always been a favorite among car enthusiasts, and Brandon James has taken it to the next level with his new build. The car boasts a sleek, aggressive design with a matte white finish and the blue colored stripes. But it's not just the exterior that catches your attention - the real magic lies under the hood.

Photo by Brandon Fkn James

This car was built 100% under 1 roof... wired, plumbed, engine assembled, carbon work, paint and all by Larry Jeffers Race Cars. The blown hemi was built in house engine shop Bullet Racing Engines. It's a Brad Anderson Enterprises block and heads with a Bryant crankshaft, R&R rods, Icon Pistons, MAHLE USA bearings coated by Calico Coatings with Total Seal Piston Rings. A custom tool steel Bullet Racing Cams with Isky Cams lifters and Manton Pushrods. Xceldyne Valvetrain valves, PSI springs, Manley Performance Products, Inc. hardware with BAE rockers. BAE magnesium intake with DMPE INC screw blower. Noonan Race Engineering valve covers with Cunningham breathers. RCD Engineering, Inc. provide a lot of the accessories and oil pump. Moroso Performance Products, Inc. oil pan with Extreme Race Oil. Wyo Motorsports balancer was used to keep the harmonics in control. FuelTech USA controls the fuel leanouts and ignition.

Photo by Larry Jeffers Race Cars

Brandon James has been racing since he was a teenager and has competed in various events across the country. He is a regular participant in NPK races, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. No Prep Kings races are unique in that they take place on unprepared surfaces and the no-prep track resembles an actual street. This makes the races more challenging, as drivers have to rely on their skill and experience to handle the car's power and maintain control.

Brandon James' new NPK '69 Camaro is a testament to his dedication and passion for street racing. It combines the classic design of the '69 Camaro with the latest technology and performance upgrades, resulting in a true street racing machine. The car is sure to turn heads and dominate the track, and we can't wait to see it in action.

Down in the video below by Larry Jeffers Race Cars, we check in with the car as Larry Jeffers team is doing a couple of checks to make sure it is ready to roll!

Video by Larry Jeffers Race Cars

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