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Birdman's Turbo Struggles and Staying Twin Turbo on No Prep Kings Season 7

Street Outlaws enthusiasts, gear up for the latest scoop on Birdman's journey in No Prep Kings Season 7. As the racing legend faces ongoing challenges, we delve into the details of his decision to stick with the twin turbo setup. Join us for an exclusive look at Birdman's racing history, his past triumphs, and the hurdles he's faced since his Season 1 victory.

Photo by QTip Photography

Birdman's Racing Legacy: Birdman has etched his name as a no prep legend and a force to be reckoned with in the world of street racing. His dominance in Season 1 showcased his speed and prowess, with his car being the fastest on No Prep Kings and all of no prep. Running threes when others were struggling to break the four-second barrier, Birdman left an indelible mark on the racing scene.

Struggles on No Prep Kings: However, the landscape changed in Season 2 with the introduction of minimum weights for every combination. This shift posed a challenge for Birdman, and he found himself trailing behind as ProCharger and screw blown cars emerged, elevating the competition's speed. Despite a successful run in 2020 with a new Camaro on small tires and the street, the struggle persisted, particularly with the turbo setup on NPK tracks.

Photo by C.Paulshock

Turbo Woes and Transitions: Birdman initially experimented with a single turbo, a configuration he had used in the Firebird previously. However, this combination proved inconsistent and slower compared to the evolving competition. Undeterred, Birdman made a crucial decision to transition to a twin turbo setup. While this new configuration exhibited remarkable speed, it struggled with consistency, a crucial factor in the highly competitive No Prep Kings series.

The Twin Turbo Decision: Amidst these challenges, Birdman has declared his commitment to staying twin turbo for No Prep Kings Season 7. This decision comes as other racers are exploring twin turbo setups with advanced technology, such as the new egate, to enhance turbo performance. Despite the persistent issues with the second half of the track, where the turbos face difficulties, Birdman is determined to overcome the odds and make a mark this season.

Photo by Birdman Racing

As Birdman gears up for No Prep Kings Season 7, the anticipation is palpable among Street Outlaws fans. Will his unwavering commitment to the twin turbo setup yield success, or will he face further challenges on the track? Stay tuned to for all the latest updates on Birdman's journey and comprehensive coverage of the Street Outlaws world. Subscribe, comment, and be part of the conversation as we unravel the thrilling twists and turns of No Prep Kings Season 7.

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