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Big Chief to Grace the Shake and Bake Show with Stevie Fast – A Can't-Miss Episode!

Hello Street Outlaws fans! Exciting news is in the air as the streets are abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming Shake and Bake Show. Why, you ask? Well, none other than the legendary Big Chief is set to be featured in tomorrow's episode alongside the one and only Stevie Fast!

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

As loyal followers of the Street Outlaws saga, we know that Big Chief's absence has left a void in the 405 and the broader Street Outlaws franchise. Tomorrow's episode promises to be a treat for fans as we get an exclusive peek into Big Chief's world post-Street Outlaws.

Stevie Fast, a grudge racer extraordinaire and a controversial figure when it comes to NPK, is all set to host Big Chief on the Shake and Bake Show. Despite differing views on certain aspects of the street racing world, there's no denying the talent and charisma both of these racers bring to the table.

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

In the video announcement, the excitement is palpable. The anticipation stems not just from Big Chief's charismatic presence but also from the genuine curiosity about what he's been up to since leaving Street Outlaws. Running the streets on his own terms, Big Chief has been making waves on his YouTube channel, proving that his passion for street racing remains unwavering.

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

For fans who have missed Big Chief's dynamic energy and street racing prowess, this episode is a golden opportunity to catch up with the man himself. The Shake and Bake Show, known for its engaging content and unique interviews, is likely to break records with this particular episode.

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

As the host mentions, the absence of Big Chief has been keenly felt, and this episode is expected to be a reunion of sorts for fans who have been eagerly waiting to hear from their favorite street racer.

So, mark your calendars and set your reminders! Tomorrow's Shake and Bake Show is gearing up to be the most-watched episode ever. Join us in tuning in to witness what Big Chief has to say about his street adventures, life after Street Outlaws, and, of course, his take on the current state of the street racing scene.

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Street Outlaws. Don't miss out on the action – tomorrow's episode is one for the books!

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