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Big Chief Tells History of OKC Street Racing

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Today, Street Outlaws is one of the numerous reality shows that have overtaken the Discovery Channel. In its case, it is focused on a collection of participants in street racing, which would explain the name of the show. However, many fans of the show may not know the history behind the Top 10 List that started them all. Early fans of the show were given this history lesson back in season one, so if you weren’t watching back then, we have it for you here today.

Combining fast cars, explosive personalities and great entertainment are just a few of the challenges, but at the end of the day, this creates some of the best reality television that you can find right now.

Big Chief, the racemaster who also serves as the quasi-host of the show, takes us back to how he came to find, join, and eventually take the helm of the 405’s core group of street racers. From sitting on his bicycle watching the action as a kid to being the man to step in and make decisions when nobody else would, Chief recounts his journey that brought him and the group where they are today, including the tenuous beginning of his relationship with perennial list contender Daddy Dave.

Photo by Discovery UK

“If you want to race, you go through me. If your car is fast, I know who you are. If you are building something, I know whose garage it’s in. It’s weird how it happened and it’s weird that I would pick this avenue of life to be successful at and be the top dog in something like this because it doesn’t make any sense to the rest of the world but racing is the only thing”. Chief said.

This is a great video from early in the show that a lot of today’s fans may not have seen, and those had have seen it may get a kick out of the return to memory lane.

Video by Pilgrim Media Group

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