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Big Chief's Done His Small Tire Nitrous Car

Those who have been paying attention to Street Outlaws probably noticed that a key face has been missing from the fray. Big Chief has been one of the main pieces of the Street Outlaws puzzle since day one. As the show has evolved and the action has gotten faster, so has Chief, but apparently, the show has evolved to a place where Chief just didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

Big Chief is now focusing on his YouTube channel Midwest Street Cars, where he works on his new car project. Chief keeps us updated on everything that he’s been going through and how he’s still managing to keep himself in competition even though the days of Street Outlaws cameras pointing in his direction seem to be over.

Photo by Midwest Street Car Youtube

However, just because Chief isn’t going to be on television racing anymore doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s giving it up entirely. This time, we get to see exactly what Chief is up to now that he has left his reality TV days behind.

Photo by Jackie Instagram

This time, we get to tune in with what exactly that means for Big Chief and Jackie. In this particular video from the Midwest Street Cars YouTube channel, we get to see behind the scenes of what he has been up to, and updates about what’s going on with the Cadillac CTS-V known as “Caddy Jack.” Among the topics of discussion are what to do when you need a gasket and no companies make one and a couple of other tech tips as the small tire nitrous car is wrapped up and readied for racing.

Photo by Jackie Instagram

Down in the video below, we get to watch as both Chief and Jackie go through their paces, testing out upgrades and making sure that every last piece of the puzzle is in just the right spot. We also get to ride along as Caddy Jack hits the streets to see if all of that time in the shop was time well spent or not.

Video by Midwest Street Car

Whether or not Chief will eventually make his way back to Street Outlaws is yet to be determined. However, we’re sure that in any situation, he will continue racing at a high level and this is just the beginning of the rest of his racing life!

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