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Big Chief Knocks John Pizza Out of The Competition as The 405 Remains Undefeated

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

As you may follow, Street Outlaws star Justin “Big Chief” Shearer has parted ways with the show to remain as real to the street as possible. He is not happy with the current state of the Street Outlaws show, and with this, he says that he is going to only focus on big tire racing.

Photo by Big Chief 405 Facebook

“I’m a street racer” he said in a video on “The Future of Big Chief on Street Outlaws” on Youtube. “I’ve been a street racer. Everyone has always told me to not give up on what has made you who you are now. Being a dumb street racer is what you got here. But that seems like that’s not going to cut it anymore. The bottom line is that I can’t stand up there and defend rules and decisions that I had no part of. And don’t agree with it, especially with a group of guys, who take it as seriously as we do. That’s the other flip side of the coin. While I know the rules and decisions that I am defending may not be my own and may not agree with them, it’s for a bigger cause, which is the TV show. We want to make sure that we have a good show.”

Photo by Midwest Street Cars Youtube

Without Big Chief, the show had a smaller impact on the public and the viewers than last season. In order to drag more attention to the OG show, Discovery UK has showed an old video when Big Chief and the 405 guys visited Chicago where they will do an out-of-town race between the fastest cars that Chicago has to offer versus the ones that Big Chief, Jeff Lutz, and the rest of the 405 crew have available.

Photo by Discovery UK Youtube

Big Chief is facing John Pizzi’s small tire car, and to try to make the race more interesting, these guys have a great on a car and a half and a hit for the small tire car, an advantage that should provide the boys from Chicago enough advantage to win the race.

There are many ways to explain the difference in these cars, but let’s see it yourself by this below video, in which you will know, why Big Chief and 405 guys still remain undefeated.

Video by Discovery UK

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