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Big Chief And Jackie Take On The Street Outlaws Memphis Crew

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Whenever we hear Big Chief and JJ Da Boss in the same sentence it is always about how one was racing the other and all we can think about is getting to the bottom of the page to find out who won on that occasion. These guys are OG street racers and over the years they have met numerous times battling it out on the street to find out which one should be the boss when it comes to conquering the streets.

It appears however that times have changed dramatically and these guys are putting their rivalries on hold once again for the sole purpose of street racing. While this might seem a bit odd to hear, this time it is Big Chief who is here supporting a racer, and it is Jackie who is going to be squeezing the steering wheel waiting for the arms to drop to let go of the most important button in the car.

Photo by Discovery UK

The steering wheel in question however belongs to their rivals the Memphis squad who have kindly offered the legendary Ziptie to Jackie in order to race in this event.

Who would have thought that these guys had it in them to set aside their differences just so the ladies squad can have a go at winning the event, we think that this is a great thing to do in order to further promote street racing as these guys have always done, so kudos for doing so.

Photo by Discovery UK

JJ Da Boss has proven to be a stand-up guy many times before, and this time he has outdone himself by giving one of its fierce competitors a chance to drive his car, so to find out how it all went down and how good Jackie did with the borrowed car, check out the video below, and enjoy some street racing.

By following along with a throwback video from Discovery UK below, we see exactly how the race was a testament to the skill and determination of Big Chief and his wife.

Video by Discovery UK

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