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Best SAVES and NEAR CRASHES in Tense Race of Street Outlaws

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

When street racing starts to get heated, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. Even though some spots might have been prepared to be able to handle all of the power that the cars are going to lay down, you absolutely never know what to expect on the street. After all, if you go to the track, the situation is more controlled and the entire surface has been coated with some nice and sticky track prep that will allow cars to more easily grab and not slide around.

Everything from how a car is running and containing fluids all the way to the way that the track is prepared or how any mess is cleaned up could alter a driver’s course. This could potentially call for a more dangerous route. It’s not something that I think any racer would really wish on any other racer. However, it’s definitely something that does unfold every once in a while.

Photo by Discovery UK

Luckily, most of the time, thanks to all of the high-tech safety equipment that we have access to these days and immense skill, people are able to keep their car pointing in the right direction when it gets loose at over 100MPH!

Photo by Discovery UK

This time, we ride along with some of those situations that had competitors literally going sideways as they made their way down the street. The relieving part about the clips shown in this video is that every competitor managed to save their ride after it ended up facing the grass.

Photo by Discovery UK

With the footage below from Discovery UK, we dial in with some of the most heart-stopping moments in Street Outlaws racing. Just when it looks like some of these drivers are going to be going for a ride that’s going to be pretty dangerous and expensive, things end up working out for the best.

Video by Discovery UK

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