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Balancing the Scales: Exploring the Missing Engine Combo Rule on No Prep Kings and the Case for Weig

Greetings everyone! Today, let's delve into the intriguing topic of the missing engine combo rule on No Prep Kings (NPK). Make sure to subscribe and comment for more exciting content about the Street Outlaws' new RP GS RAC series and other related shows.

In the high-stakes world of NPK, competitors are pushing the limits with top-of-the-line, premium engine combinations. Whether it's a screw blower, ProCharger, or turbos, racers are opting for the best in the business. However, there's an interesting twist in the force induction side of the rule set – all these powerful setups must adhere to weight regulations based on their specific engine combos.

Photo by Radical Speed

Here's the catch: despite the vast differences in cost and performance among these cutting-edge engines, the weight remains the same within a particular combo. For instance, if you're running a 48 Hemi engine combo, you get a weight advantage compared to a 49 Hemi combo. The debate arises when considering the nuances between engine variants like the mh7, mh6, and mh5.

Photo by Radical Speed

Notably, racers using the 48 engine combo face the challenge of competing on equal weight terms with those running the 49. NPK legend Nunan sheds light on the disparity, mentioning a substantial 200 horsepower difference between the 48 and 49 combos.

Several notable racers, including Dominator and Tony McKin, opt for the 48 combo, potentially at a power disadvantage. Additionally, ProCharger enthusiasts like Bob Diotti and Brad prefer older setups, foregoing the latest and greatest engines.

Photo by Radical Speed

The proposal on the table is intriguing – should racers with older engine combos receive a slight weight break? The logic follows that if their engines produce less power than the latest models, perhaps a weight advantage could level the playing field. This could contribute to making NPK more accessible, countering the misconception that every racer is a multi-millionaire.

Photo by Radical Speed

Damon, aka Dominator, stands as a prime example of someone making the best with what they have. Not every NPK racer is swimming in cash, and some are genuinely doing their best with more affordable setups.

In conclusion, the idea of offering a weight break for racers with older engine combos is worth considering. It could inject an element of fairness and affordability into NPK, ensuring that the series remains captivating for racers from various financial backgrounds.

Photo by Radical Speed

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