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Axman Felt Good to Get Back Out in The ‘67 Nova for NPK Season 6

Larry Roach, better known as Axman from the TV show Street Outlaws, has recently made headlines with his return to No Prep Kings testing following a serious incident with his car in the previous season. Fans of the show are eagerly anticipating his return to the tracks and are speculating about his chances in the upcoming season.

Photo by Axman + Axlady

Axman has been actively testing his Procharged '67 Nova to prepare for the No Prep Kings season, although he has not yet officially announced his participation in season six. However, Axman surprised everyone by showing up unannounced in the previous season, so it is likely that he will make an appearance in the upcoming season.

The last No Prep Kings season was challenging for Axman as his car caught fire, and he had to take some time off to repair the damage. But he is now back, and fans are excited to see him in action again. Axman's 67 Nova is equipped with a Noonan small block combination, a new and exciting addition to the show. Although this combination has not been seen much on No Prep Kings, Axman is enthusiastic about the prospects of his new ride.

The small block Hemi is lighter, which makes it faster, and it can also take advantage of the weight savings. This means that Axman's car has the potential to be very fast and pose a significant threat to the competition. The screw blower is another exciting new addition that Axman is eager to utilize to his advantage.

Photo by Dragzine

Fans of Axman are optimistic about his chances this season and are hoping that he will achieve great success. Axman has been on the show for quite some time and has a loyal following. He is recognized for being a skilled driver and has won many races in the past. In season two, he had the best winning record and finished number one on America's List season one and two.

Video by Axman + Axlady

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