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Anticipation Builds as Clay Cole and Nate Sayler Return to No Prep Racing Circuit

It's time to rev up those engines because Clay Cole and Nate Sayler are back in action this weekend at Flying H Dragway. If you've been itching for some adrenaline-pumping racing, this is one event you won't want to miss.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Racing

Now, before we dive into the excitement of the upcoming race, let's backtrack a bit. You might remember that both Clay and Nate were set to tear up the track at Added Power Dragway a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, and the event got postponed.

But fear not, because they're making their triumphant return to the scene at Flying H Dragway, and let me tell you, this track is shaping up to be something special. With a brand-spanking-new surface that's allegedly lightning fast, we're in for a wild ride.

Photo by Nate Sayler Racing

Now, let's talk about these two heavy hitters. Clay Cole and Nate Sayler aren't just your average racers – these guys are contenders. Nate, with his track record of two or three wins last season, including a Great 8 victory, knows how to dominate on the asphalt. And let's not forget about Clay, who came oh-so-close to clinching the win at the Texas race against Justin Swanstrom.

Both of these guys are packing serious firepower under the hood, with 140 Pro Chargers giving them that extra edge on the competition. And here's a little insider tip for you: since their rides are vintage beauties built before '79, they're eligible for a 25lb weight break. Talk about a recipe for speed!

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Racing

But it's not just about the hardware – it's about the talent behind the wheel. Nate's got Lee White, a top-notch tuner, in his corner, while Clay brings his A-game every time he hits the track. These guys mean business, and they're not here to play nice.

But why's the field looking a bit slim this season? Well, it turns out that without the TV show airing, sponsorship dollars are hard to come by, making it tough for teams to foot the bill for travel and maintenance. But with racers like Clay and Nate back in the mix, things are bound to heat up.

Photo by Clay Cole Racing

So, buckle up, because this weekend's race is shaping up to be one for the books. Will Nate reclaim his title as the speed demon of the track? Or will Clay finally take home that elusive win? There's only one way to find out – tune in to for all the latest updates and nail-biting action. Let's get ready to rumble!

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