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Alex Laughlin Upgrades to PJS Racing Engines' Screw Blown Hemi for No Prep Elite!

In a surprising turn of events for the no prep racing scene, Alex Laughlin has made a bold move from his ProCharger setup to a new PJs Racing Engines screw blown Hemi combination. This switch places him at the forefront of power in the category, with insiders speculating it could rival even the legendary Jim Howe's setup, known for reaching speeds of 209 mph in testing.

Photo by Alex Laughlin

Laughlin, previously running mid-380s with his ProCharger setup, recognized the need for more speed to compete effectively in the highly competitive No Prep Kings series. "Now he has the most powerful engine combination available right now," one enthusiast commented, hinting at the potential this new setup brings.

The decision to switch to a screw blown engine isn't without its risks and challenges. The mechanics of harnessing such power on no prep tracks, where traction can vary unpredictably, will be crucial. "I'm not real sure how he's going to see a tree with that," remarked another observer, highlighting the technical and strategic adjustments Laughlin's team will need to make.

Photo by Alex Laughlin

With the backing of PJS Racing Engines and support from experts like Brandon and Cole Pesz, Laughlin's team is optimistic about the potential for even greater speed and performance. "If he can push beyond 207 mph like Jim Howe, it's going to be a big threat," said a fellow racer, reflecting on the implications for upcoming races.

As Laughlin prepares to potentially debut his new setup at an upcoming event, fans and competitors alike are eager to see how the new engine configuration will fare against the competition. Whether he can translate raw power into consistent performance remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Alex Laughlin's move to PJS Racing Engines Screw Blown Hemi has stirred up excitement and anticipation in the world of street outlaw racing.

Photo by Alex Laughlin

Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talks for updates on Laughlin's performance and all the latest news from the no prep racing circuit.

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