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A Devastating Loss for Jeff Lutz!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

During the filming of an episode of Street Outlaws 405 small tire show, Jeff Lutz was defeated by 405 racer Felicia Smith. On the night, she improved to 2-0 as she was 1-0 coming to the race.

Photo by Discovery

The two cars used had a 50-year difference, according to Shawn Ellington in the post.

Smith got a huge jump on Lutz early on in the race. She then put a gap between a two cars.

Photo by Discovery

Lutz, the former Drag Week winner, was to about half-track when Smith crossed the finish line. Ellington felt like she was going to smoke the tires. However, Kamikaze Chris did not have the same feeling.

“Totally my fault,” Lutz said. “Some must not have had boost. In the race against Felicia, Shawn banged the light and we left together. Then, my car fell on its fac. It was like it shut off. She was just driving out of my life. Junior has to get it figured out. We can’t be losing like this”.

Photo by Discovery

Check out the race aired on the Discovery Channel.

Video by Discovery

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