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A 405 Star Get Back on Track at The Top Level of No Prep Kings Season 6

According to a recent Street Outlaws No Prep Talk video, Doc's Heavy Metal Nova has undergone significant updates in preparation for the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 6. Previously owned by Adam Flamhawk, the car had an outdated chassis that struggled to handle the power of a screw blown Hemi engine, resulting in Doc facing challenges while competing in previous seasons.

Photo by Street Beast "Doc"

During the winter and spring, Doc took the car to Mickey's Chassis Works for a series of updates. These included the installation of a new carbon fiber front end and doors, as well as improvements to the chassis. The goal was to reduce weight, as the previous fiberglass panels had been repaired multiple times and had become quite heavy.

Photo by Street Beast "Doc"

These updates have the potential to make a substantial difference in Doc's performance this season. If the car can meet the minimum weight requirement of 27.50, it will be 100 pounds lighter than last season. With the same horsepower and an improved chassis, Doc now has the opportunity to compete and excel in the upcoming No Prep Kings season.

Doc's Heavy Metal Nova faced challenges in previous seasons, but with these updates, it could become a strong contender for top positions. The car's new Hemi engine, built by well-known Pro Mod engine builder Adam Flamhawk, provides the necessary horsepower. With a lighter car and an enhanced chassis, Doc now stands a real chance of performing well in this season.

Doc has faced struggles throughout his racing history, especially with the OG Monte Carlo, which was nitrous-powered and too heavy to compete effectively. The Firebird also failed to make a significant impact in the previous season. However, with the updates to the Heavy Metal Nova, Doc could finally regain his momentum and compete at the highest level in No Prep Kings.

Photo by Street Beast "Doc"

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